GCSE textiles.

GCSE’s are officially OVER! My end grade for textiles was an A!! I got an A* in the exam and an A in the coursework so it balanced out to an A.

This is my coursework practical:

(kindly modelled by my cousin)

My design brief : 18-23 year olds, music festival, swinging sixties.

The main aspect of the trousers was the tiered flares as flares are very sixties and they’re also coming back into fashion. However, music festival fashions are very wacky so I was inspired to put a twist on the flares and add tiers and different sixties fabrics to make it stand out more as 18-23 year olds are the likely age group to be most adventurous with styles and trends.

Lots of decorative techniques were used such as embroidery and appliqué.

I was happy with my end garment but I wish I had used less rigid material for the flares so they were more flowy and I had also taken more care with my sewing so it looked neater.

I am very pleased with my result and I’m now excited to start my A level course to make lots of new items and to challenge myself creatively.


holiday outfits. 

1. leapoard print midi dress from asos, lace up wedges from asos, and big gold hoop earrings from B4732BA2-0D88-4C5A-AB6A-5473FA391B7D

This outfit is very classy and something a bit different, the length of the dress adds sophistication’s whilst the bold print keeps this outfit trendy. The heels added length as the dress could’ve made me look very short without them.

2. Black asymmetric dress from asos, with lace on the side. White nike Air Force.80838143-623B-4D7F-9D9C-895AA052EFBB

this dress was very comfy as the jersey material is lightweight and great in the Greek heat. The aysemmetric design and the lace made this dress different from your average black dress.

3. Floral play suit from urban outfitters, belt from asos and white nike Air Force.6BBD8F20-35A7-45CB-BCF3-410BA4F9477C

this was definitely my best purchase for my holiday as it’s so versatile and can be worn to the beach, out in the day or you can dress it up for the evening by adding accessories! This was even what I wore to the airport going home!!

4. White bandeau from Topshop, wide leg striped trousers from urban outfitters and whit nike Air Force.29CD2002-98DE-47EB-BD1F-C07FD95A5779

i loved this look as I was pleasantly surprised by these trousers, I’ve never really worn wide legged trousers due to my short legs but these were great due to the vertical stripes and high waist!